The most efficient way to reap immediate benefits from Internet & website marketing. Paid ads on search engines, social media websites, or ad networks are very effective and sometimes the only choice for certain businesses & industries.  An author for instance might want to advertise his/her book about elephants on a wildlife website, search results about elephants, or to social media profiles that indicate elephants or animals as one of their interests.

Think about that for a second, you can target your ad directly to the people you want to see it.  You can set your own budget, and choose from dozens of other options like geo targeting, age targeting, interest targeting, the list goes on and on.  Not only is PPC & Sponsored advertising the most targeted advertising available.  They offer unparalleled tracking and metrics which, if analyzed correctly will translate into more effective advertising and a higher ROI for your marketing budget.

For smaller budgets ($400/month & under) MainStreet prefers to train and consult our clients on how to manage their own PPC/Sponsored Ad campaign.  For advertising budgets larger than $400/month we’ll be happy to sit down and come up with a management fee that fits your budget & goals.  We’ll worry about all the details such as Ad management, Ad targeting, and provide monthly statistical reports.  This allows you to get back to doing what you do best…running your business.

Get A Free Consultation

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Take advantage of a no obligation paid & sponsored advertising consultation. We will save you money and increase your ROI from your very first contact!

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Paid & Sponsored Advertising At A Glance

Some Benefits Of Paid Advertising

  • Extremely targeted & segmented.
  • Based on a budget you choose.
  • Multiple Ad variations and appearances.
  • Numerous advertising outlets.
  • Unparalleled tracking and metrics.
  • Unparalleled accountability.
  • Ability to compete in any market.

An explanation of Paid vs Organic Search Results

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