What happens when 7 out of 10 people walk through your business’s doors only to turn and leave immediately? All the website traffic in the world is worthless if none of it converts into tangible leads or sales.  We’ve all seen them, those unappealing websites that rank well because they read like a book with 5oo keywords per page.  That’s not what you want when you’re offering a product or service.  It’s not the digital face you want for your brand.  You want website traffic that converts to leads because leads effect your bottom line.  At MainStreet we understand that’s your #1 priority.

Born out of a desire to increase our value and thus our clients’ ROI, we include conversion optimization in all of our internet marketing and website management programs.  We take an in depth look at all of your digital marketing, and optimize your efforts to convert that traffic or exposure into tangible leads.

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MainStreet’s Conversion Optimization Methods

You certainly don’t want all of your internet marketing efforts to be for not.  This is where a strong management & conversion strategy comes into play.  Does your website use the most up to date content sharing and social interaction methods? Are your current internet marketing efforts integrated (and/or syndicated) for maximum exposure and efficiency? Does your website clearly relay your message? Does your website have clear and effective call to action?

That’s a lot of questions you should be asking about your website & marketing.  Once you’ve answered and addressed them, it will be time to start re asking them.

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Conversion Optimization Techniques Include…

  • Optimize the various forms of contact throughout the website and social media accounts.
  • Develop quick contact, customer surveys, review pages, and suggestion boxes.
  • Optimize the website’s content for user & search engine friendliness.
  • Create or optimize the calls to action throughout the website and social media accounts.
  • Integrate social profile, sharing, and bookmarking features throughout the website.
  • Add the functionality to target specific visitors with personalized messages and opportunities.
  • Add the functionality to view social media & YouTube content without leaving the website.
  • Creation of short urls and other tracking mechanisms for content.
  • Monthly analysis of website & social media metrics.
  • Monthly maintenance or testing based on analysis of metrics.

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