Social Media allows business owners to connect with potential and current customers like no other medium.  Expand your brand, advertising, and “world of mouth” to the hundreds of millions using social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

As we meet more and more business owners one question inevitably comes up…

What do we do with Social Media?

[imageeffect url=”” type=”frame” width=”300″ height=”250″ align=”alignright” target=”” lightbox=”” overlay_state=”hover” alt=”Social Media Marketing” videourl=”” ]The answer to that is a simple and familiar message.  Be yourself and get involved!  Social Media is nothing more than a digital representation of the word of mouth many of us have built our business on.  Social Media is not intended to be a lead mine, and business’s are not intended to go mine it as if it were.  Do you wake up every morning and make a point to remind your friends what you do for a living just in case they may have need of your service or product?  Probably not, more likely you interact with them in a manor that establishes a relationship of trust and confidence in your service or product.  Due to that interaction should they every need a service or product that you offer it naturally occurs to them to look to you to fill that void.

At MainStreet we always encourage our clients to engage themselves and rely on us for profile customization and consultation.  However, we understand that time is money and yours is likely better spent on the tasks that have made you successful.  In the cases where “time to do it” is the main issue we do offer Social Media Management services.  In order to do this properly we require an intricate understanding of what your business does, and who your business is.  Once we know that we can work together to build a successful and fruitful Social Media Campaign.

The great value behind our Social Media services  is our ability to think up creative & effective approaches for you to engage your audience, and be there when you need us for any consultation/guidance necessary.

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Our Social Media Services Include:

  • Create & customize social media profiles and pages.
  • Optimize all social media content.
  • Incorporate coupons, specials, and promotions as necessary.
  • Use promotions and content to generate fans/friends/subscribers/etc.
  • Syndicate content across the various social media accounts and website.
  • Make use of any widgets the site owner approves of or asks for.
  • Create a strategy for monetizing fans through sharing and sponsor ads.
  • Consult on the continuing development of social media accounts.
  • Consult on company policies, interaction, and promotions.
  • Include any social media metrics possible in monthly reports.

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